Real Estate Attorney Empowers San Diego Landlords & Developers

Real Estate Attorney Empowers San Diego Landlords & Developers

Every election cycle raises debate among people and politicians about what it means to live in a democratic free market. In a myriad of socio-economic factors and supply issues, higher housing costs are just one symptom of an entire society’s growing pains. Resentment is being held around the world, especially in major cities, towards real estate developers and landlords. But is this ire fair?

A group of upset tenants in San Diego have been in outspoken protest of their evictions. One of the tenants, who asked to remain anonymous says “My family and I have been living here for years. The landlord knows that. The landlord also knows that they are putting me in hot water.”

In the sunny state, where there is simply not as much supply as the roaring demand, prospective tenants and owners feel burnt by the heated market. 

Prospective home buyers are under constant pressure. “I have been renting for years and I really want to fulfill my dreams of being a homeowner. But I feel like giving up. I don’t think I will be able to afford it in my lifetime.”

What is known as “The Airbnb Effect” has had a real effect on housing prices. Prices have increased due to a rise in properties being purchased or leased for operation as short-term rentals. The effect is similar to that of gentrification, where demand for housing by those of higher income levels leads to increased costs of living for local communities. 

While gentrification indeed has unfortunate and unforeseen consequences, there are two sides to every story. Landlords and developers are also under constant pressure, except in the form of neverending scrutiny and ridicule. In a time where the public narrative skews negatively towards those who dictate housing supply, objectivity, and facts are easily drowned out by sensationalism and bias.

Take, for instance, a news headline that voices the concerns of tenants being evicted by a bank that wishes to convert the land into non-residential use. The bank legally owns the land and has a lease, which the tenants dismiss the terms of. As tensions mount, the tenants claim their legal right to occupy the land through adverse possession. Villasenor Law is a San Diego-based law firm that has represented clients in complex disputes regarding real estate contracts. A real estate lawyer will guide the developer or landlords to the best path of legal recourse where the tenants or occupants have acted unfavorably. 

Landlords and developers must abide by the laws and regulations of our government. In fact, tenants, prospective buyers, and all others in the real estate market must also abide by the rules of the game. However, even when they have acted lawfully and in accordance with signed and legally binding contracts, real estate owners and investors may still find themselves in controversies. Clients may be able to worry less about reputation management when they know that the law and their lawyer are on their side. 

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