Internation Tax Lawyers Empower Digital Expansion 

It’s well-known that the United States has a big influence on global financial trends. The American economy is large and steady, with many top companies in fields like robotics and aerospace. Also, the legal system is closely regulated, ensuring fair treatment for everyone, including foreign investors. While it has historically been tough for non-native companies to get started in the market, nowadays in the internet age, many companies are opening up to the rising popularity of remote work, and leveraging it to establish a presence in the United States.

With the rise of digital globalization, companies are diving further into remote work and global hiring, allowing them to leverage the global talent market to find the best employees outside of their principal country. Remote employees can also allow a company to operate with more flexible timezone coverage, by operating in overlapping shifts across different time zones with asynchronous work schedules. The modern age of work is beloved by many workers for the autonomy and lifestyle perks of avoiding the daily commute and the comfort of operating in one’s own home. 

Hiring remotely can also be important when breaking into local markets, as employees who live in the target area can provide valuable insights not attainable elsewhere. Additionally, without the need for a physical office, expansions no longer require lease obligations for large office spaces and buildings. Location-independent work allows businesses to reduce administrative and operational costs, which can translate into higher profit margins. It’s no wonder remote work is all the rage with employers looking to expand their operations.

Establishing remote offices can be extremely beneficial for international businesses, but expansions of such legal and logistical magnitude must be carefully planned. Foreign investors are bound to various types of foreign tax regulations, such as double taxation from both the U.S. and their home country. Understanding strict American tax regulations with a myriad of tax types and communicating with tax authorities can be difficult for non-Western companies due to language barriers and cultural differences. To address these issues, foreign investors should seek the expertise of tax attorneys who specialize in U.S. tax laws.

Tax attorneys who stay up-to-date with changes in the law are essential for any foreign investor looking to enter the U.S. market. Additionally, an attorney will represent parties in disputes or communications with tax authorities and help investors build a strategy that addresses taxation issues.

Distinct tax filing procedures must be complied with. For instance, U.S. corporations that are owned at least 25% by a foreigner must file a Form 5472. The requirements of this form and criterion for items can seem vast and confusing, not to mention nervewracking when faced with the possibility of tens of thousands of dollars of fines.

When selecting a tax attorney for a business, it is important to consider their skills and knowledge as well as their proximity to yourself and your clients. Tax attorneys Hone Maxwell LLP is a firm with the skills and understanding needed to serve their customers best. While based in California, their team boasts a wealth of expertise on international tax matters about Mexico, Asia, and elsewhere. The strong personal connections to the regions of their clients provide diverse perspectives to offer the best counsel possible for companies in the United States looking to expand abroad and align their tax strategy with their growth. Hone Maxwell offers a variety of services as international tax attorneys who help their clients navigate tax laws and achieve their goals.